Case study: GlobalComix

The app with unlimited access to worldwide comics 

  • Mobile development

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A freemium mobile app developed with Flutter where readers can access infinite artistic work from a wide range of comics and creators.





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The Client

Reaching comic lovers through their phones
Globalcomix is a digital distribution platform where creators can publish and sell their comics, allowing them to connect and reach comics enthusiasts worldwide. 
Their team reached out with the project of creating an iOS and Android mobile application for their existing website, aiming to develop a different and better-adapted user experience for mobile readers. The app needed to be dynamic and accessible for comics fans, allowing them to reach all kinds of stories and artistic work in all formats, promoting cross-cultural exchange and helping them connect. 

After presenting our approach and capabilities with a plan and agreeing on the timeline and scope desired, we put our hands to work and embarked on this beautiful project. 

Process and challenges

Our Engineering, QA and Project Management team focused on building an application where millions of users could access all kinds of comics with the best visual experience possible, finding their favorite crafts in all kinds of sizes and formats. 


At first, the client suggested very ambitious deadlines. It took a long and full-scale process to align its workflow, but we were able to pull it off thanks to the collaboration between both teams. We managed to start building the app without the final designs, collaborating and suggesting ideas to achieve each deadline.

Reader experience

The reading structure and functions were created after an exhaustive analysis of the possible gestures the readers could use, like double tap, scrolling, pinch to zoom, etc., ultimately doing its implementation with Flutter, generating an intuitive user experience with the best viewer app format.


The back end of the application was already built which required research to understand what was already done and what our next steps were going to be. This needed coordination, matching endpoints and continued back-and-forth communication with Globalcomix’s team to achieve what the application is today.

How we did it

  • Scope


    The client provided wireframes ahead of time, while there were also others added after starting working on the project, with the purpose of defining the size, scope, and specifications for each section of the application.  

  • Workflow


    We used Jira and the whole Atlassian suite to organize the project stages, giving the client visibility into each progress and priority. Our primary focus was the reading experience, constantly checking that the single page, double page, scroll, zoom, etc., were optimized.

  • Improvements


    We focused on detecting and suggesting different improvements to refine the app and make it in time for delivery. Throughout the process, we gave visibility and status updates to the client to let them know where we were standing.

Flutter development 

We decided to go with Flutter as it is the best option to develop using just one codebase that works for iOS, Android, tablets and desktop.
Working with this Google framework makes the whole process easier as it is intuitive, with community packages that enhance the use of best practices. 
For example, using GestureArenaManager made it possible to develop this app to read the comics page by page, double page, or scroll until it's over. These are the possibilities that Flutter gives us when it comes to unlimited developing ideas.


GlobalComix now has a mobile app with high-quality visuals and the ultimate usability for comics lovers. Easy and intuitive for readers to dive into their favorite stories while connecting them with authors and artists. 
We delivered a high-quality product generating outcomes in a speed and advanced way. 
The whole engineering work required significant effort, and we managed to deliver each part as it was expected.

"CreateThrive goes beyond what was defined to create delightful outcomes.”

Their combination of competency and desire to go the extra mile is impressive. CreateThrive goes beyond what was defined to create delightful outcomes. Their commitment to quality is outstanding; I’m very happy with their work.”

Christopher CarterCEO & Lead Engineer5 stars

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