Case study: Deaf Bible

The Bible in multiple sign languages

  • Mobile development
  • UX/UI Design

Project information


Flutter Mobile app to access the Bible in multiple sign languages connecting and empowering the Deaf Community


​​Non-Profit Organization for the deaf community


Deaf Bible



The Client

A partnership was born

Deaf Bible Society is a ​​Non-Profit Organization that helps deaf communities around the world to have the opportunity to experience the Bible in multiple sign languages.

They wanted to build an app for both Android and iOS that would support video streaming and at the same time have high performance and be focused on user experience.

So, as a Flutter expert studio, we had exactly what they needed. 

After exchanging ideas and verifying our customer-oriented approach, we started working together. 

Process and challenges

The client presented the need to create a new application that worked on Android and iOS. So we started this project from scratch, leveraging Firebase services and accessing a huge database with over 1,000 videos in over 30 languages.


One of the requirements was that the app had to work offline so that people in remote areas with no signal could download the videos when they reached an internet connection and watch them later. We added a download button in each video and made it work. Once downloaded, the videos will be stored in the user’s phone gallery. 


We needed to design an app that would be easy for deaf users, so we tried to add fewer buttons, clicks, words, and symbols for the app to be as friendly as possible. We did UX research, following best practices, to deeply understand users and build a UI they would love.

And this is where we need to highlight the importance of company-client putting efforts together. Alongside Deaf Bible Society and the Products Team, we collaborated closely on features, feedback, and roadmap development.


The CreateThrive team took an intensive course with a specialized mentor on accessibility matters to understand and design the app to be easy for its users. 

How we did it

  • Analyzing


    At the beginning of the process, we focused on what the client wanted and found a way to work effectively and efficiently. 
    This was possible thanks to the autonomy and confidence we earned after understanding the point of view of the client.

  • Planning


    We started designing the app with its different features according to the priorities that the client needed to sort out first. 
    We began by creating wireframes and mockups of the different screens to give the client a visual representation of how the app would function and look.

  • Testing


    Then we needed to ensure that the videos -the heart of the app- with Bible translations in 30+ sign languages worked properly. After that, we tested all the menus available, and voilá, Deaf Bible had its app for iOS and Android. 

Flutter Development

Thanks to Flutter, we developed the app using only one codebase and made it available on both Android & iOS and support for Tablet.

Plug & Play: This technology allows the use of external services that made the full development process a piece of cake. In this case, the integration was made with Firebase including the authentication using Auth, multimedia storage with Storage, Firestore as the database to save all the users' information, among others.

A social tool beyond the Bible

This app does much more than take the Bible into the deaf community’s hands.
Deaf Bible’s app brings a whole community together. And it’s not only the connection and infinite human relationships that can come out of it but the opportunity to get an introduction and closer look at the Bible for deaf people.
We are proud to be part of the process that helps this community by delivering a mobile application with over 10.000 users worldwide.

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