No one could have predicted what would happen in the business ecosystem in 2022. After Covid, it seemed that growth at all costs was the way to go, but now we can say that this was not the way. 

The recession caught everyone by surprise, VCs decided to put investments on hold during this time of uncertainty and companies had to restructure, with massive layoffs happening everywhere in the tech landscape.

Since Covid, remote work has become the norm and flexible work models have been on the rise ever since.

In this changing environment, hiring full-time employees has become very risky. No one wants to lay off tens, hundreds or even thousands of employees, it is neither good for the individuals nor for the stability of the company. This uncertainty makes companies think twice before hiring permanent talent.

What is staff augmentation?

Staff augmentation is a flexible outsourcing strategy that allows an organization to hire external resources to temporarily or permanently improve the quality and increase the capacity of a company at no risk.

What happened in 2022?

In the tech industry, staff augmentation became a secure option for reassuring and scaling essential activities. Many companies faced the tough decision of laying off coworkers to stay steady as a company. This situation resulted in completing the same amount of projects with a reduced team. 

On the other end, companies that needed to expand their operations found it too risky in the midst of uncertainty. Staff augmentation helped fill these gaps without compromising company stability.

If your company has experienced any of these setbacks, you probably need to get ready for 2023. At CreateThrive, we want to share 3 reasons why we think staff augmentation is becoming the most helpful staffing tool for 2023:

1. The power of flexibility

If we had to summarize 2022 in one word it would be: uncertainty. Staff augmentation can change this scenario. It allows companies to discontinue and initiate engagement with the service provider at any time if they become financially distressed.

Knowing you can disengage from the agency providing the service makes it an attractive alternative to contracting. Especially in these times when employee retention and job security cannot be guaranteed.

2.  Ensuring business continuity

Finding the right human resource for the job with the right hiring and onboarding process can sometimes take months. This causes delays that slow down the company's productivity. With staff augmentation, you don't have to worry about this problem. You can get your team up and running in a couple of weeks and have access to specialized resources.

The service provider ensures that you have the right professionals on board, providing hands-on experience with the tools and technologies essential to the project. Staff augmentation brings in experts who effortlessly and effectively raise the level of your team.

3. Reducing risks

This past year, fraught with uncertainties, has taught us some lessons. One was that hiring full-time employees for ongoing projects can be risky in the long run. With this changing reality, many companies locked themselves into staffing costs they could not afford.

There is no doubt that 2023 will not be 2022 again, but it will have a lot in common regarding uncertainty. 

That being said, companies will try to keep risks to a minimum. Staff augmentation responds to this need. It offers the freedom to hire short-term and pay for the duration of the contract, with no strings attached.

Our Conclusion

We live in extraordinary times; adaptability has never been so crucial in the history of the technology industry. 2022 showed us that companies that were able to change the fastest were the ones that ended up at the top. They have turned a potential crisis into an opportunity by working with efficient and flexible structures.

Staff augmentation is a key ally in providing this malleable scheme of work. At CreateThrive we believe it will be a powerful tool for this year's changing dynamics. If you would like to learn more about our staff augmentation services, feel free to contact us to start a conversation.

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