Web Development

The Client

Store Guard is a product from Traxas, a company located in Berlin that works on interactive marketing and IoT. Store Guard is a software that measures how many people are entering and leaving different venues. It is currently being used by companies such as Deutsche Bank, Lidl, and others.

Our Role

Our team helped develop a web application from scratch based on the client's needs and requirements. The app was high in complexity and required the ability to manage multiple users with different roles, the ability to identify individuals and send data in real time, and an event-oriented architecture.

We also had to build a real-time dashboard that updated every few seconds, and all of this had to be developed in a very short period of time due to German regulations surrounding COVID-19.

Tech Stack

With CreateThrive's help, we were able to build a scalable, secure and complex system in record-time, their level of expertise and engagement sets them apart and I would definitely recommend them to any company looking to work with a high-skilled and committed team.

Marc Sperling

Berlin, Germany