Web & Mobile Development

Internal Project

For this project, we identified a problem ourselves: people needed to know where to vote. We solved it by building a web application that informed each voter of possible voting locations based on their ID or their name. It went viral in less than 48 hours, was used by over 180k users and broadcasted on the radio, TV and newspapers.

Our Role

Presidential elections were scheduled to be held in Uruguay, and in order to vote, residents were required to vote at specific locations based on their name. However, residents couldn't find that information very easily and were struggling to determine their locations.

We found out that the data on who can vote and where was public. After we were able to query that data from a DB, we started building our first prototypes. In a week we came up with a simple but effective solution. We built the web app using ReactJS on the frontend and AWS for the infrastructure.

We managed to help more than 180k individuals who didn't know where to vote. The web app was used more than 400k times and had over a million page views.

Tech Stack